Pousada De Estoi - Dream Algarve Wedding Venue (lots of pics!)

This is one of my favourite wedding venues. It's a venue that gives you a taste of real Portugal.. but is also like something from a fairytale!

Not too far from Faro Airport, about a 15 minutes drive, in a quaint town called Estoi, sits the Palacio de Estoi; a 'rococo'-style palace from the 19th Century. Estoi is a pretty Portuguese town filled with history and culture, with small Portuguese cobblestone roads and a quiet peacefulness. Besides the Pousada, Estoi is commonly known for two other things; its Roman remains, and the Matriz de Estoi church.

The church sits just 100m from the gates of the Palacio de Estoi. Gates that are only opened for special occasions, such as weddings.

This is one of my favourite wedding venues. It's a venue that gives you a taste of real Portugal.. but is also like something from a fairytale!

This is how you would see a typical wedding day held in the Pousada de Estoi go:

Hold your ceremony in the Matriz de Estoi church, then walk just 100 meters through a pretty walkway shaded by trees to reach the beautiful palace. Your guests will walk up the steps and be greeted by staff ready to serve them prosecco and other chilled drinks in the palace garden, followed by canapes which the waiters will bring around to the guests.

A live musician will play in the background as everybody has the chance to mingle. This is a perfect opportunity for the photographer to grab photos of the bride and groom with the all of their family and friends, with a beautiful backdrop no matter which way you're facing.

The palace grounds are elevated so they overlook a vast, typical Portuguese landscape of scattered green trees and Portuguese buildings as far as the eye can see.

Later, you and your guests can move up to the palace to be served dinner outside on long stretching tables and end the night dancing inside the beautiful palace walls.

There are medium-size rooms that are easy to navigate through, and two large outside areas.

One room can be designated as a dance floor and bar area, the other a quiet room with space for a snacks table, and perfect for one of our photo booths along with a backdrop.

Perfect for Cocktails: Volkswagen Photobus with 200 Instant Customised Prints, Stick Props, and Dress-Up Props

Our Volkswagen Photobus can access the venue grounds, fits perfectly with the colours of Palacio de Estoi, and is a lovely treat for guests to snap a photo and grab a print just before the Cocktails Reception... it just adds to all the excitement of the walk from the church to the palace!

As wedding musicians we have played in Palacio de Estoi many times, and can do a range of church-appropraite Ceremony songs, and classy, chilled-out music for the Cocktail Reception.

Our Camera Box photo booth suits the evening area perfectly and we have backdrops to suit the colour scheme and decor of Palacio de Estoi seamlessly.

Contact us if you have any questions, we'd love to help!

(Further pictures of venue below)

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