Businesses can benefit hugely from having one of our Vintage Camera Boxes at their venue.

If booked by you, we create a photo booth that is all about promoting your business and brand, and getting as much social media coverage as possible.

1. Provide entertainment and fun for your guests

2. GIVE them free presents/keepsakes which advertise your business

3. Get huge social media coverage in the form of personal recommendations from your clients to all of their Facebook friends

It is becoming increasingly expensive to market a business on the internet.
When someone shares a picture through our Camera Box at your restaurant to their 200-2000 friends on Facebook, not only are they advertising your business, they are personally recommending it. This is worth far more than any ad you can buy through Facebook or Google advertising.
Facebook charges an average of 0.6c per impression. The average number of friends a user has on Facebook is 338. This means to get an impression on 338 people on Facebook, you would normally have to pay €2.03.
Each time a person shares a photo with their friends through our Camera Box, it is worth the equivalent of an average of 338 impressions, PLUS the massive added benefit of a personal recommendation from your happy client who shared the photo to all of their Facebook friends. This is worth far more than any ad.

See this is as your new killer marketing tool, that takes the form of entertainment for your guests.

Imagine then, that just 50 people use our Camera Box at your restaurant in one day, this would equate to 50 people personally recommending your place of business to an average of 16,900 of their friends as potential reach across Facebook. The equivalent of €101.50 through Facebook advertising but with the added benefit of trusted personal recommendations from your clients to all their friends.

The Vintage Camera Box:
Our Camera Box is stylish and sleek and easily accessible to any venue. It is the perfect marketing tool and entertainment to have in your venue. 
How does it work?
Our Camera Box will be carefully positioned in your restaurant to capture the best angle of your business. When your customers please, they can use the Camera Box by simply clicking on the screen. The screen will have simple instructions and be customised with your business's logo. The Box is easy to use. A countdown will start and take a photo of your guests.
They then must share their photo on Facebook in order to obtain their free print.
Once the limit of prints for the day has been reached, you can either purchase more, or people can continue to use the camera box and share their prints on social media only.
What does your business receive?
Completely customised branding and print templates changed weekly
A customised user interface with your business's logo
Up to 200 free physical prints for your customers
Unlimited social media shares and potential for huge reach online
Our Camera Box is vintage and trendy looking and sure to create a nostalgic, fun vibe at your venue.
After seeing or using our photo booth, clients will have a very memorable, fond experience associated with your business which will be sure to have them talking to their friends about it.
What if my customers don't use the Camera Box?
Invite them! We can create coupons to place at tables to encourage your guests to use the Camera Box and we can also create competitions. It is important to remind them that you are offering them something of great value for free! There are many ways to encourage customers to engage with the Box and these can all be tried out.
What if my customers over-use the Camera Box?
It is difficult to over-use the Camera Box, as each time they wish to print a photo, the user must sign into Facebook again. This makes it very difficult for children to misuse the Camera Box and also means clients will be unlikely to use it too much. We can also trial a model where customers pay for their prints, should this interest you.
We are currently testing several different business models to find the most effective for your business.
Inquire with us to find out more.